Great Online Training to Heal the Sick and Hear the Voice of God

50% discount ends soon for January semester.

I have had tons of training in how to do the three main works of Jesus ( preach, heal, deliver from demons)—mainly from Dr. Randy Clark’s ministry ( Randy will be here in 2018 to train people in healing ministries).  But I am trying to draw closer to God and love people the way Jesus did with signs and wonders so I am excited to study and recommend Jason Chin to you as a resource to mature your ability to love people like Jesus did with words and deeds of Kingdom power.

It’s biblical and so effective to show people what a good God we know through signs and wonders!  Young people love this!!  Look at this video of teens getting rocked by the love and power of Jesus at Disneyland after being getting healed by 30-second prayers!  Why would we NOT want to learn how to cooperate with the God and do the works of Jesus like this?? Here is a set of healings that happened at our church in 2012. Jesus was glorified and people were healed of pain they had for years!  More and more churches in Hampton Roads are reporting healings through prayer in Jesus Name!  Go God!!

I highly recommend Jason Chin. He is on Youtube with lots of free training and has a great book & website out called Love Says Go. He also has this online school that looks really good—now with 50% discount for a week ( 50% DISCOUNT ENDS very soon). If you miss that, check out the book and Youtube videos.  🙂

Volunteer Group to Help Repair Homes for Virginia Beach Neighbors in Need: Free labor & Materials!

Apply Today! March 1 Deadline

Free Home Repair to Qualifying Virginia Beach Residents – Please Share with Neighbors in Need of Assistance

Providence Presbyterian Church is accepting applications for a “WorkCamp” program coming to our community in June of 2018.

There are over 500 volunteers coming from all over the United States to work on Virginia Beach homes in disrepair. The week of “Work Camp” is Jun 24 to Jun 30, 2018. The group is looking for 70-75 homes to assist in Virginia Beach.

Applications are due by March 1st. Both labor and materials are free to qualifying households. To learn how your home might be included, please complete this confidential application (attached) and return to: PROVIDENCE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 5497 Providence Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23464 

Office: (757) 420-6159   or email to them here