This message is addressed only to followers of Jesus who believe the Bible is the Word of God. Please hear me out. 

I have close friends and extended family members who are Democrats but I have to speak out against four agendas this party aggressively enforces that are seriously harming our neighbors, especially our children. This message is my way of obeying God’s command to love and protect my neighbor.

Here are those four agendas:

The trans agenda is grooming our children in public schools and colleges to become trans. 

The gay agenda seeks to normalize behavior that God calls sin

The abortion agenda promotes the killing of children in the womb—and even outside the womb. 

The open-borders agenda allows tons of fatal fentanyl, weapons ( possibly even atomic ones), and tens of thousands of innocent children to become victims of sex trafficking in America. 

Democratic leaders may be intentioned, but—according to the Bible—very wrong. At the federal, state and local levels, Democratic leaders are promoting and enforcing these four agendas and damaging millions of our neighbors, many of them to their death by drugs or abortion

As followers of Jesus, we have to speak up! We cannot continue to vote for a party that wants to hurt our children and the Christian foundations of our nation. God is watching how we respond!

Please do not vote Democrats into office. They may be good people but they will support these four anti-biblical agendas. Agree with what God says on these agendas and repent from supporting them if you have in the past. 

Like the Titanic, America is sinking! Wake up, repent and seek the Lord! Only God can heal America but He is waiting on His people to get right with Him. 

Our podcast, Healing America:Starting With You, may help you to get right with God and prepare for the massive national revival He is preparing to heal America. But He is waiting on His Church! Click here to see it.