Malawi Kneels in Repentance

One of the world’s poorest nations economically is now one of the wealthiest spiritually.

Pastors in Malawi are following God’s Solution in His Word to heal their nation, setting a precedent for other nations. Here’s Pastor Edward Mikwamba’s praise report:

“Malawi Kneels was a huge success from August 16-22 as we prayed at Capitol Hill, outside Parliament buildings and civo stadium pulling down strongholds of witchcraft as well as tribalism and theft.

This was done through Malawi, Zambia and Tanzania and Kenya teams who traveled to be with us, through power of unity according to Psalm 133

From Lilongwe we went to Dedza at Chimbiya Baptist church where leaders from Lilongwe, Dedza Boma and Dedza west close to Mozambique participated.

The sick were prayed for and we repented on behalf of our beloved nation of Malawi. What was pleasing is that over 1,000,000 Malawians knelt for Malawi in that week for a minimum of 10 mins in mountains, offices and churches and on their homes to repent and pray for Malawi.

An epileptic and dumb boy who never spoke was prayed for by Pastor Albert Nkhoma during conference in Balaka, and then he spoke.

During same week at Annual convention of the Malawi Assemblies of GOD where the Malawi President is a member, they implored members present and the Malawi nation to kneel for Malawi.”

Another Bishop wrote:
“It was God who wanted ?? Malawi as a Nation to Kneel have seen this for the first time in Malawi history or Africa to see our President yesterday kneeling with thousands of citizens at Silver Stadium appealing to people to bow their knees after he denounced witchcraft, darkness, poverty and sins of the nation from the past to now it’s New Malawi ?? and he is saying this is a new year for Malawi,

“Declaration was done to arrest darkness, witchcraft , and prostitution and allow the Light of Christ in every department in his Government, in every region this is really Malawi Kneels”