Angel 24: Scion has to protect the Jamestown Colony from the wicked schemes of his former best friend— who is now, Okeus, the god of the Powhatan Indians.

Publishing Date: November, 2020

The Founding of the 1607 Jamestown Colony

As It Has Never Been Told:

From the Viewpoint of Angels and Demons

Fifteen years ago, the Lord told me to write a novel based on a history book I wrote about the 1607 Jamestown Colony. Angel 24 is the story of Scion, a powerful angel who was emotionally damaged in the Great Rebellion in heaven. Now, he has been assigned to protect the Jamestown Colony from the wicked schemes of his former best friend! 

A Very Original, Historical, Fantasy Thriller

  • A deep, biblical worldview illustrated with many scriptures and a strong, global mission focus.
  • Rich, historical details, including the true account of one Spanish-trained Powhatan native named Paquiquino who changed the history of America!
  • A Christian rendition of the love story of Pocahontas and Captain John Smith that culminated in a London church just days before Pocahontas died in England
  • The simmering conflict between rebel, dark angels, and the demons they spawned to serve them.
  • The unlikely partnership between a 14 inch, female angel named Angie, a defective demon called Morph and a jealous, dark angel named Voudoc—all colluding to defeat Okeus, the god the Powhatan Native Americans worshipped at Jamestown.
  • A novel full of little-known, factual history based on the most comprehensive and well-documented spiritual mapping book about the Jamestown Colony: Healing America’s DNA—both by the same author.

The Past Is Prologue

Although based in history and fiction, Angel 24 is about the real future of America. Angel 24 illustrates the power of sin to destroy and the power of repentance to give life as II Chron. 7:13-14 declares. Sin almost destroyed Jamestown. Sin is again destroying America— but there is a way to heal the land. 

I believe God wants to use this book to remind the American Church that He will still heal the brokenness of America when His people humble themselves, pray, seek His face and repent.

Angel 24 is a book for such a time as this. 

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