It was just an ordinary day in heaven.

The shimmering teal sky was filled with thousands of gold filigree crosses glistening on the horizon. Yesterday, the sky had been a pale yellow with shades of peacock blue and raspberry red edges. Multicolored words in ever-changing languages soared across the sky, twirling to the rhythm of the songs that were being sung by different groups of saints beneath them: “Jesus Is Lord,” God Is Our Savior,” “Glory to God in the Highest.” As usual, the sky-words spun into a blur as they drifted over the feverish, dancing African worshippers.

The very air seemed saturated with a palpable sense of love, joy, and a peace never known on Earth. The Presence of God radiated from The Great White Throne across the endless expanse of heaven in waves of glory that made redeemed humanity giddy with delight. No one was immune. King David loved to run up to the astonished new arrivals from Earth and shout, “See, I told you so! ‘In His Presence is the fullness of joy!’” The cheers were deafening.

Angels were everywhere. Millions of Worship Angels swirled above the fiery Throne of God in an ever-expanding cone of alternating concentric circles as high as the eye could see. Their joy and laughter were contagious as they sang. A rippling, iridescent rainbow arched regally over the Throne from which erupted flashes of lightning and thunderous voices. Huge, golden-headed Cherubim and Seraphim, their faces serene but serious, soared up and down through the middle of the angelic cone, harmonizing with the music of heaven in blazing white robes.

Fierce-looking, sixteen-foot Warrior Angels with faces like burning bronze lined the walls of heaven, wings furled, arms akimbo with massive swords at the ready. Now and then, smaller angels with black, brown or red hair would speed out of Heaven’s Gates headed for Earth with messages for the saints.

It always wasn’t that way.

 Once, there were no Warrior Angels and no swords on any angel. Before time began, peace reigned in heaven. God’s angels were His family and they all lived in great contentment enjoying one another and the incredible pleasures of life in heaven that no creature outside of heaven could even imagine.

Although the angels were all males, their love for one another was stronger, deeper, and purer than any human could ever know. In fact, God had originally created only eighteen thousand angels to serve the Court of Heaven and to occasionally help His people on Earth. But, by the time Jesus went to Earth, the Host of Heaven numbered only twelve thousand.

Eons earlier, six thousand angels had been banished from heaven because they had allied themselves with the rebel leader, Lucifer. This began the Great Rebellion, which was immediately followed by the Great Grief. The angels in heaven lost their best friends, their closest companions, their comrades-in-arms never to return. Even God grieved deeply at the loss of six thousand sons.

For a long time, the Great Grief suffocated the joy of heaven. Some angel poets later wrote that God and the angels released their tears of sadness on the earth during Noah’s time, flooding the Earth with water. Most angels eventually got over their grief, but a few still struggled from time to time. But heaven plodded on despite the pain and trusted that God would bring good from it all somehow.

One day, all of that changed. God decided to activate His plan to rescue humanity from sin and the devil by sending His Son, Jesus, to Earth! The angels were ecstatic. According to God’s plan that He created before the universe existed, billions of souls would soon come to heaven as His children through faith in Jesus. Soon, God would send countless devout Christians all over the world to help people from every tribe, tongue, and nation make it to heaven. Heaven was about to explode with millions of new sons and daughters of God. The party was on!

So, when Jesus was born to Mary in Bethlehem, God created billions of new angels so that every earthly follower of His Son would have a Guardian Angel to help them make it to heaven no matter what Satan and his forces did to them. They were called Mod1 Angels. They all had gentle, human-looking faces with skin tones and eye colors that perfectly matched their assigned believer. But, at six-foot tall, with a wingspan twice their height and no sword, these Guardians still looked formidable in their white, one-piece robes that hung down to their ankles.

The Lord also created specially modified angels, called Mod2’s, mainly for reconnaissance to keep track of enemy movements for threat assessments. To prepare all the new Mod1 and Mod2 angels for service in the Earth war-zone, God created Angel Academy where they would be trained for six months in Basic Angel Duty Services (BADS) at Angel Academy near Moses Park on the south side of heaven.

Five thousand angels graduated in each class. If the angels failed to graduate, they could take the class again. If they failed the second time, they would never be given a coveted Earth assignment and would be limited to strictly administrative duties, mostly dealing with life records for each human and the settlement of Christians arriving in heaven each day—a job most angels found too monotonous. Angels were made for adventure!

Lucifer knew his six thousand dark angels were not enough to restrain and defeat the tidal wave of Christians about to cover the earth. He also knew that his dark angels were too proud to do the dirty work of tempting and tormenting humans on earth day after day. So, the most powerful angel that heaven ever produced twisted his God-given gifts to create a race of beings that earthlings now called demons.

In the darkness of hell, Lucifer spawned billions of highly specialized demons that neither heaven nor earth had ever seen. These smaller, less powerful creatures would roam the earth seeking souls to deceive, torment and enslave in sin. Unlike angels, demons do not have wings and cannot fly. Most are programmed to do only one task. Demons of lust can only tempt humans to acts of lust. Spirits of fear are limited to planting fears in people. Such limitations make them less of a threat to their dark angel masters, a fact the Great Rebel of Heaven was clearly aware of. Rebels beget rebels.

But what the demons lacked in power, they made up for in appearance. Lucifer took great delight in humiliating his little spawns with some of the most disgusting faces in creation. Not being very creative, the Dark Lord used insects, reptiles and various forms of marine life as models for his slave race of evil spirits. Of course, he told his creatures that their appearance would help subdue humans through fear. But they all knew better. The ugliness of demons was only exceeded by their hatred for their dark angel masters, especially for Lucifer.

To further weaken individual demons, Lucifer forced them to work with other demons to conquer humans. Demons typically work in gangs of three or four. Spirits of Worry, Anxiety, Fear and Dread work together. Another gang often seen on Earth is Pride, Vanity, Self-Righteousness, and Arrogance. When they are hard-pressed to take down a valuable subject, gangs will begrudgingly work with another gang. Spirits of Bitterness, Resentment, Hatred, and Unforgiveness often join with Violent Temper, Rage, Retaliation, and Murder. Entire nations have been destroyed by such multiple gang attacks on national leaders.

Once a gang of demons tricks a person to sin enough, they are able to wrap his darkened mind in a web of lies—just like a spider wraps its prey alive, to be kept for “digestion” at a later time…in hell. By that point, the gang or two of evil spirits can take up residence inside the person like a conquering army occupying the land they have won. All that without the person even knowing his body and soul have been taken over by multiple, wicked spirits dedicated to his eternal torment.

Eons have now passed since the Great Rebellion. For thousands of years, The Great War between the Kingdom of God and Lucifer’s Rulership of Earth has raged. The balance of power has not changed much in the last 1600 years since Jesus walked the earth. But there is one angel who is about to change all that…