It was just an ordinary day in heaven.

The sky today was a shimmering teal with millions of glistening gold filigree crosses around the entire horizon. Yesterday, the sky had been a pale yellow with a horizon framed in shades of peacock blue with raspberry red edges. Moving slowly across the center of heaven’s sky were multi-colored words in ever-changing languages, soaring and twirling to the rhythm of songs sung by the saints below them: “Jesus is Lord”, “God is Our Savior”, “The Lord of Hosts”, “Glory to God in the highest”. As usual, hardly anyone could read the bouncing words when they glided over the feverish musical beats of African worshipers beneath them.

But no one cared about blurry words in breath-taking skies. The very air seemed saturated with a palpable sense of love, joy and a peace never known on earth. The Presence of God radiated from the Throne room across the endless expanse of heaven in waves of glory that made redeemed humanity almost giddy with delight. No one was immune. King David himself loved to run up to the astonished new arrivals from earth and almost shout, “See, I told you so! In His Presence is fullness of Joy!” The cheers were always deafening–if that were possible in heaven.

Angels were everywhere. Billions of them. But it always wasn’t that way. God had originally created 18,000 angels to serve the Court of Heaven and to help and protect His people on earth. By the time Jesus went to earth, the Host of Heaven numbered only 12,000. Those 12,000 knew the story only too well.

6000 of their closest friends had been banished from heaven during the Great Rebellion eons before because they had allied themselves with the hideously wicked rebel leader, Lucifer. The Great Rebellion was immediately followed by the Great Grief. The love and unity those 18,000 had experienced for billions of earth years was deeper and stronger and purer than any human could ever know. That’s what made the depth of grief in heaven so terrible. 12,000 angels lost their best friends, their closest companions, their comrades in arms–never to return. Even God grieved deeply at the loss of 6000 sons.

This great grief seemed to suffocate the joy of heaven for a very long time. Some angel poets later wrote that the water that covered the earth during Noah’s time was just some of the tears God and the angels shed for the tragic loss of their loved ones. Most angels eventually got over their grief, but a few still struggled with it from time to time. There was one angel who was still tormented by his grief but the poor creature could not share it or resolve it…yet. So heaven plodded on despite the pain and trusted God to bring good from it all somehow.

But one day, all that changed when God activated His final solution to rescue humanity from sin and the devil: Jesus was about to come to earth! The angels were ecstatic and their thoughts of lost friends soon faded as God told them about the billions of souls that would soon come to heaven as His children through faith in Jesus. Heaven was about to explode with new sons and daughters of God. The party was on!

So, just as Jesus was born to Mary in Bethlehem, God began to create and train billions of new angels so that each follower of His Son could have a guardian angel to help them make it to heaven no matter what Satan and his forces did to them. He also began a revised school to train al the new angels, called Angel Academy.

About 5000 angels graduated in each class. If they failed to graduate, they could take the class again. If they failed the second time, they would never be given a coveted earth assignment and would be limited to strictly administrative duties, mostly dealing with earth life records for each human and the settlement of Christians arriving in heaven each day–a job that most angels found too routine. Angels were made for adventure!

Satan was also slowly in the process of expanding his forces to handle the increased demands that earth’s growing population required. The New Covenant changed all that. Now, for the first time, God was sending His people all over the world to help people make it to heaven. Every land Satan controlled was being invaded by the Host of heaven as they followed and guarded Christians in their global journeys. His 6000 dark angels and a few experimental demons were not enough. Demon spawning now became a massive operation in hell that produced billions of highly specialized demons that heaven had never seen.

To counter this greater enemy threat, the Lord created different types and sizes of angels for specialized tasks like covert reconnaissance. These angels were called called Mod2 angels. As each batch of Mod1 and Mod2 angels was created, they had to be trained for about six months in Basic Angel Duty Services at Angel Academy near Moses Park on the south side of heaven. New Mod1 angels all were six foot tall. As they grew in wisdom and skill, their height increased. By graduation, the Mod1’s were eight foot tall. Mod2’s varied from eight inches to five foot. Archangels who ruled large areas of earth were 10 foot tall. The Seraphim and Cherubim who only served the Throne Room were easily recognizable at 14 foot. Only Gabriel, Assistant to The Holy Spirit and Michael, General of the Armies of Heaven, were 30 feet tall.

As our story opens, we will meet a very large and powerful angel named Scion who was the Headmaster of Angel Academy ever since it reopened after the Rebellion. He was greatly respected but few got close to him. He was a stickler for rules and every student knew it. He was pleasant but he was all business. He never took time off to relax with other angels. He always seemed like he had a lot on his mind even though he had taught the same subjects for thousands of years. Scion was the only 12 foot angel in heaven–a relic of time gone by.

We join Scion now as he begins week three of Angel Academy with a fresh class of angels created just a month earlier. What begins as a normal school day changes rapidly as Scion faces tough questions and triggered emotions over events in heaven that still tormented him.

But just as Scion begins to open the main door to the academy, he hears a noise and looks over his left shoulder just in time to see three of his most unmotivated students goofing off by flying too low and frightening Femi and his parents. He waited at the door until the three pranksters arrived…late for class again.