If you’ve ever tried selling things on Craigslist, Let It Go or other sales sites, you’ve likely come across the scammers. I’ve run into about five of them in the past couple of weeks as I sell stuff in storage Had another scammer try again today.
Here’s how it works. They show interest, eventually telling you they are out of town and promising to send you a check, offering to also send extra dollars for holding the item while the check clears. They also want you to pay people who will pick it up. Deal goes sideways and they ask you to pay them back some of the money. Your money is real, their funds are all fake. They get some money out of the deal and never pick up item, of course.

Safety Rules: never take more than you asked for. Insist on cash only. Scammers forge checks.

Never offer to handle delivery arrangements in any way. Insist on cash on pickup before loading. If you don’t budge, they will go away. They are effective in getting money from people who trust them or do odd deals.

It’s a mass business. For every 5 who say no, they find 5 who are desperate and say yes.
Be willing to say “no exceptions” and “no deal” and you likely will be fine.

By Michael Patrick