Jewish Lives Matter

A Letter to the Editor This Christmas 2018

I would like you to consider helping me get this inter-denominational Letter to the Editor of the Virginian-Pilot signed by Catholic priests in the Hampton Roads area. We have about 20 signatures from a wide variety of  protestant pastors so far. 
Here is an opportunity for protestant and catholic leaders to stand together on the right side of an issue: anti-semitism and the debt we Christians owe to Jewish people.
I have included a link to a form to help record the title and name of each signing leader: Click here to sign
Here is the proposed letter to the Editor of the Virginian-Pilot:
Jewish Lives Matter

This Christmas, Christians everywhere celebrate the birth of a Jewish man named Jesus born in Israel. Christians believe Jesus to be the Jewish Messiah, promised in the Old Testament.

While it is always appropriate to honor Jewish people for their many contributions to mankind,  it is even more important for Americans to honor them now, in the aftermath of the recent massacre at an American synagogue.

As Christian leaders in Hampton Roads, we wish to publicly express our gratitude, respect and love for our Jewish neighbors.  Christianity would not exist without the Jews.

The Old Testament—the Scriptures Jesus followed— was obviously written by Jews.   The New Testament was entirely written by Jews, with the possible exception of Luke’s Gospel.  Jesus was a Jew. All of his apostles were Jewish. Most of the early church were Jews.   Jesus said He came initially only to serve Jews.  Jesus said, “Salvation is from the Jews.”

This Christmas season we encourage the people of Hampton Roads to honor your Jewish neighbors. We encourage you to thank them for their courage, their incredible wisdom and for their generous forgiveness for all that non-Jews have done to them for over 2000 years.

“Once Upon a Time” Christmas Story Contest

Win $100 for the best original story!

Why Christmas Fantasy Stories?: Artistic expressions of biblical truth can have a huge impact on readers!!  The new movie, The Star, is one such example: the birth of Jesus as told by animals.  Although, I think some of you could have written a better script for that movie–one that gave more prominence to Jesus!

Why should you enter this contest?

1. To make this very familiar Christmas story fresh to you and others again.

2. To encourage you to use your sanctified imagination to express timeless biblical truths. The second most read book in the world for hundreds of years was an allegory about Christian discipleship called Pilgrims Progress The Bible was and is the most read book in the world. Thank God!

How?  You could tell the story from the viewpoint of an animal, an angel, an insect, etc. Have the main characters be animals, insects, fantasy creatures, etc. Pray and us your imagination. Just try to describe the birth of Jesus: why He came to earth and how He came.

Anyone of any age or any religion can enter. This is a global contest
Write 1000 words in English or less telling about the birth of Jesus in a way that has never been told. Original art can be included to illustrate the story.
A panel of three judges will pick the final winners.
The winner agrees to have his story published on my website,

Send story submissions to me at this email address.

The Deadline is Sunday, December 17 by 3 PM EST ( USA)
The winner will be announced by December 24 in my newsletter, Partners in all three editions: local, USA and International. The winning story and some runner-up stories will also be published on my website ( if the runner-up authors agrees)

I hope some of you will do this. Whatever you write, you will probably never forget it and Christmas will come alive for you in a new way and for all you share your story with.

Mary Christmas!—the kind Mary had—-all about Jesus!

Pastor Bob Fox