Let’s pray on April 28 for the upcoming meeting of President Trump and President Kim Jong Un this May, 2018

This is historic. No sitting presidents of either country have ever met in person.

 This is strategic: If Trump and Kim Jong Un can create a working, frutiful relationship, the world—and especially NK—will be a better and safer place.

 This upcoming meeting in May could result in a cascade of events that could give NK citizens more freedom and prosperity that they have ever had under communism. It could also stop the saber -rattling by both nations. 

 But this is dangerous: If this meeting goes wrong, things could get worse for everyone—especially in NK.  In fact, this whole meeting could be a trick engineered by at least some in NK leadership (even without King Jong Un’s knowledge) to conjure up a validated reason to hate America even more. The results could be staged by NK to result in a disastrous conclusion to the talks of two leaders. I hate to think that way, but anything is possible with a regime like that.

 There is also the possibility that NK wold try something nefarious against the President or his staff at the meeting that would be hard to detect.  The possibilities are endless in this techno age. Note the issues of our Cuban diplomats who had to come home from Cuba with strange physical problems no one can account for. 

Nevertheless, God clearly seems to be orchestrating all this as this Youtube video indicates

The Lord has even called a young Korean Christian to start a 40 Days of Worship & Prayer initiative in South Korea starting on April 29th! 

He did this before the announcement about the May meeting with both presidents!  God is up to something and we need to follow His lead (John 5:19)! 

 I do believe God’s hand is in this May meeting but the enemy is also obviously not going to be passive in such a critical moment.

So, Christians of the world: let’s pray and fast for this meeting!