Here are videos of the healing ministry we call Listening Prayer. It is now called Transformational Prayer Ministry which was started by Dr. Ed Smith around the year 2000. Dr. Smith has modified his ministry procedures since then several times since then, so the videos below are some of his early training videos and we are free to share them publicly. These videos show people getting set free free from the lies they believe about themselves. 

The PDF’s below these videos are summaries of what I learned along the way and they do not necessarily reflect Dr. Smith’s latest teachings. That’s what we changed the name of our ministry to Listening Prayer. His latest training can be seen at his website,

My wife and I have prayed with about 50 people and have often seen miraculous results. People were enabled to get rid of lies about themselves they had carried for many decades. They were also able to completely forgive people for offenses that happened decades ago. Click here to read a more detailed idea about TPM.

These dramatic changes enabled them to have more peace and joy in their lives and to not be so double-minded about biblical truths related to their identity as a child of God. 

Here are the live demos by Dr. Ed Smith who founded this ministry.

  1. A mother set free from fear and shame.   40 minutes. The most popular of the seven demos online. Mom almost loses son in a home accident
  2. A man gets set free (30 Minutes) and another 60 minutes of discussion about that session.  Deals with anger 
  3. A man set free ( 20 min) and 20 more of discussion. Shows him that God is in Control
  4. An African-American woman healed dramatically. Very emotional session. Amazing transformation from sad to glad about self-worth issues. 
  5. An older man healed. 40 minutes. Middle-age man is helped with Identity Issues
  6. A man healed of abandonment lies. 23 minutes. Shows why anger is hard to let go and how to let it go. 
  7. A young woman with self-worth lies. 18 minutes
  8. The three attachments below should also help you understand this prayer ministry. They are very short. 
  9. Click here to read the first three chapters to get a more detailed idea about TPM

You can do it by yourself but having someone help you at first will quicken your effectiveness in using this model. It works! 


Healing Life’s Hurts is three chapters from a book written by the founder, Dr. Ed Smith. It has several great examples of healing and more teaching by Ed.


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