David Fox - July 30, 2017

Evolution: The Apotheosis of Science and the How that Leads to the Degradation of Society

Our son, David Fox spoke passionately today on why the theory of evolution is a bad idea scientifically and morally--- a grand slam of information, revelation and inspiration The law of "Supernatural Selection" was obviously at work in the results! We all loved it. I vote it "Best in Series" of five message this month on this topic. God willing, we will help start a movement to get the much better theory of Intelligent Design into local schools taught along side the now-largely debunked theory of evolution. Hopefully, this will protect many students from the very false scientific persuasion that science has proven there is no evidence for a creator. THERE IS!!!   More Info Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzj8iXiVDT8&t=2958s

Scripture References: Romans 1:20

From Series: "Challenging Evolution"

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