- July 16, 2017

Scientific Evidence for the Theory of Intelligent Design

Rick Homesley and Maury Middleton did a great job last Sunday showing the excellent scientific evidence for belief in the theory of Intelligent Design rather than believing in the poorly scientifically supported theory of evolution! Intelligent design needs to be presented in schools to be intellectually honest. Otherwise, the class would be more propaganda than education. Rick Homesley heads the local creationist ministry that teaches Creation Science. No that is not an oxymoron! Evolution and creationism are both partly based in science and theology. Credible scientific augments can be made for a created world. Christians should know those facts. Evolution is one of the main philosophical foundations for unlimited abortion and moral relativism--both scourges of our world. A local group has met in Tidewater for years with monthly speakers on the Peninsula, Southside and in Richmond. They also have a fine lending library. Contact Rick Homesley at this email address. 

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