Bob Fox - January 14, 2018

You Were Chosen by God!

Let's Begin at the Very Beginning... January is the beginning of a new year. Let's talk about the beginning of everything for you and me as Christians.   Want to love God even more than you do? Want to feel safer in God's care of you? Want to have greater assurance of your salvation? Want to be more motivated to worship God more? Want to be more dedicated to using your life for God's purposes? Then you could benefit from knowing the scripture doctrine of Election.  The Doctrine of Election is a basic belief held by most of Christendom that God chooses who goes to heaven. He foreknows us, predestines us, calls us, justifies us and one day, glorifies those whom He has chosen to be His sons and daughters ( Rom. 8:29-30). Properly understood, this doctrine should help all Christians to be more grateful, more humble, more prone to worship God and more motivated to use our lives for His glory. This is one of the most complex sermons I have ever given, one of the hardest to prepare and the result seems like God anointed it. I give God all the credit for any good it does for others--just as I give God all the credit for any good I do as a Christian. I am what I am by the grace of God. (1 Cor. 15:5) This is my humble attempt to teach the biblical doctrine of election and predestination. This is a message just for Christians who trust that the Bible really does reveal the exact truth of what God thinks and does--at least of those things that He wants us to know. God, of course, is much more than we could ever know! He is God Almighty! If you are a Christian, I hope this message helps you know how incredibly special you are and what a sacred life you have been given to live for God and for others!   Pastor Bob Fox  

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