On May 28 we will be meeting at VBCC 7 P.M. to pray, review, discuss best practices, brainstorm and learn how we can help our foreign visitors hear the good news. 

For ten weeks the VBCC will be hosting 150-300 students per Tuesday night as well as coordinating the work of 150 volunteers. There are ten teams from media to food preparation to bicycle repair. The table host leader team is a key facilitator to the main goal that the student has an opportunity to hear the gospel, specifically during the Tuesday evening dinner party. Every week the need will be to have one American trained Table Host for each of 40 tables.

Our Goals

  1. To recruit, train and encourage 50-60 Table Host Leaders.
  2. To make the foreign students feel welcomed to the J1 Café, the church, the city and our country.
  3. To help the students focus on the instructions of the Café’s emcee during the welcome, prayer, announcements, presentations and the dismissal.
  4. To encourage the students to participate in the games, singing, and the presentation.
  5. To encourage the students not to leave as soon as they are finished eating.
  6. To guide the table discussions specifically in regard to the gospel presentation.
  7. To be intentional in assisting that the students have an opportunity to hear the good news.

Some of our topics for discussion are;

  1. How to get foreign and English gospel literature.
  2. How to let them know of your interest in them.
  3. How to keep the students from leaving.
  4. How to start a gospel conversation.
  5. How to speak to more than one person at a time.
  6. How to get help to share the good news. (team work, sharing testimony)
  7. Fun, fun, fun and more to come!

Kevin Coyle

(757) 305-7936 Email to him here.

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