“Once Upon a Time” Christmas Story Contest

Win $100 for the best original story!

Why Christmas Fantasy Stories?: Artistic expressions of biblical truth can have a huge impact on readers!!  The new movie, The Star, is one such example: the birth of Jesus as told by animals.  Although, I think some of you could have written a better script for that movie–one that gave more prominence to Jesus!

Why should you enter this contest?

1. To make this very familiar Christmas story fresh to you and others again.

2. To encourage you to use your sanctified imagination to express timeless biblical truths. The second most read book in the world for hundreds of years was an allegory about Christian discipleship called Pilgrims Progress The Bible was and is the most read book in the world. Thank God!

How?  You could tell the story from the viewpoint of an animal, an angel, an insect, etc. Have the main characters be animals, insects, fantasy creatures, etc. Pray and us your imagination. Just try to describe the birth of Jesus: why He came to earth and how He came.

Anyone of any age or any religion can enter. This is a global contest
Write 1000 words in English or less telling about the birth of Jesus in a way that has never been told. Original art can be included to illustrate the story.
A panel of three judges will pick the final winners.
The winner agrees to have his story published on my website, bobfox.org

Send story submissions to me at this email address.

The Deadline is Sunday, December 17 by 3 PM EST ( USA)
The winner will be announced by December 24 in my newsletter, Partners in all three editions: local, USA and International. The winning story and some runner-up stories will also be published on my website ( if the runner-up authors agrees)

I hope some of you will do this. Whatever you write, you will probably never forget it and Christmas will come alive for you in a new way and for all you share your story with.

Mary Christmas!—the kind Mary had—-all about Jesus!

Pastor Bob Fox

Why All Protestants Need to Thank the Catholic Church

Especially on the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation this Year!

As Protestants celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, all Christians can remember with sadness the necessary split of Christendom by the Protestant Reformation to correct some very bad Catholic theology. Pope Francis, the current Pope, has even praised Luther as a great reformer.

What is missing in this 500th Anniversary–and what has been missing for at least 500 years–are public expressions of gratitude from Protestants to Catholics for giving Protestants the New Testament!

While there are 5800 Greek manuscripts of the New Testament and another 10,000 in other languages, the main Greek manuscripts for our beloved Protestant New Testament were all copied by hand for centuries only by Roman Catholics–mostly by humble monks whose names are known only to God and others in heaven. I can’t wait to hug them and thank them in person! 

I propose that we send a Letter to the Editor of the Virginian-Pilot this month to publically thank and honor the Roman Catholic Church for giving us our priceless New Testament.

It is hard to imagine how we or the world could know about Jesus and the Gospel today without the Catholic manuscripts of the Greek New Testament from which most Bible today draw their source.

Advice to a 17 Year-old Boy Hooked on Porn

Here are some good resources to prevent and fight porn addiction

Here’s what I wrote to him:

internet filtering and reporting app.   There is a fee
Free and looks good: http://www1.k9webprotection.com/
These two suggestions come from my sermon: Not Born for Porn: https://www.slideshare.net/bobfox47/not-born-for-porn
This is an article on porn that might help. https://www.slideshare.net/bobfox47/the-porn-bircuit
Best defense is good offense: a strong, satisfying relationship with God and non-sexual relationships with friends is a great defense.
 Find out what need your porn meets: love, acceptance, loneliness, etc.  Porn is just a bad solution to some lie you believe about yourself.  what God thinks of you is the truth.  He loves you—just as you are—but wants you set free from porn. It will rob you blind of many things God has for you!

I know you can change with God’s help if you want to!

Check out this site: it could save your life and the lives of those you love from a lot of pain. Porn kills so many good things. It is a real drug and drugs kill.
I think you can do it!  God made you to do great things. Don’t let porn steal your life!
Pastor Bob