This is from a wonderful missionary named Wade Mchargue. I was in Brazil in 2013 with his daughter, Abigail, on a mission trip to heal the sick:


DELIVERANCE by Forgiveness
I had the opportunity to pray over a woman who came with great distress.  She was crying and shaking telling me of her mental torment of hearing voices inside.  Voices telling her to hurt people, and to kill herself.  She told me of the medication she is on but that they weren’t helping her depression or ridding these voices.
That morning I had sat before the Lord asking for His “rhema” for the day, and felt impressed to meditate again on Luke 4:18.  Truly the Lord speaks to us if we ask Him to Amen?
I told her her the day of deliverance was today.  She looked at me hoping but you could tell, battling if it was so.
I asked her when this deep depression started. She said it’s been about 10 years.  I asked her if there was anyone who she needed to forgive.  She thought for a moment… and said,  “the man who murdered my Dad.”  I asked if there was anyone else, and she said someone else as well who hurt her recently.
I asked if she was willing to forgive, that it was a choice not a feeling, and that unforgiveness was, in a way, saying to God, “I can bring justice to this person better than you can.”
She said she was willing to forgive and right there, she forgave these two men, crying and crying as she did.
I laid hands on her and commanded the enemy to leave her and not to return.  As I did this she started to fall over twice and I held her up as she swayed back and forth, then she started to cough.
She dropped to her knees and just wept and wept.  I asked her what happened and without looking up she exclaimed, “I feel so clean! So pure! the voices are gone!”
I saw her a week later, she was beaming.  No voices, healed and delivered in Jesus Name.  To Him be the glory forever!
I’ve seen people get healed of major physical pain by just choosing to forgive someone they had not forgiven.  One lady had to forgive herself before the Lord released her from intense pain.  Forgiveness is powerful!  The Lord demands that we forgive everyone–others, ourselves, and even God, if we need to.  Read Matthew 6 and Matthew 18 for more clarification on the Lord’s perspective on forgiveness.