What Is a March for Jesus?

Simply a parade composed of worshipping Christians walking behind sound trucks playing simple worship songs while some carry Christian banners and some dance along the route. It is a beautful, powerful worship experience for all ages.  Dozens of local churches are supporting this interdenominational event.

Why March for Jesus? ....Because:

He is worthy of our worship!

We point others to the only Hope for this life and the next

God will bless any city that honors His Son like this.

Norfolk needs our prayers.

What Churches Are Supporting This Event?

Some of the pastors and leaders who are supporting this are: Pastor Clinton Brown of First Baptist Bolling Brook, Bishop Cleveland Brown, Pastor Kevin Tremper of Crossroads Church Norfolk, Nigel Anderson of Renaissance Movement Music, Pastor Joe McDaniel of The Bridge Church, Pastor Bubba Pugh of Calvary Baptist Church, Catholic Deacon Darrell Wentworth, Pastor Antonio Woolard, of St. Paul Christian Fellowship Pastor Nate Perkins, of Impact Church, Pastor Miguel Dabul of Rock Church of Norfolk, Pastor Ken Gerry of New Life Christian Center, Pastor Ray Boetcher of RiverRoom Church, Pastor Chris Cunningham of Global Outreach Church, Pastor Joe McDaniel of The Bridge Church, Pastor Isik Alba of Dream Church, Pastor Dan Goff of Calvary Assembly, Pastor Eric Majette of New Life Church Global, and Eric Thompson of the Movement.Org.

How Can I Participate?

Let us know you are coming. Click here.

Fill a car or van with people. It may cost $5 to part at Harbor Park. All ages are welcome.

Directions and parking info is here.

Worship Dancers Needed: Click here

Dress as you wish. You will walk 1 mile total to and from City Hall. Some vans may be available to help carry people back to their cars. Restroom facilities will be available at certain march locations.

Can I Help?

We still need:

  • Three more pickups to carry sound systems
  • Three prayer teams to pray for three special needs area in Norfolk at about 1:30 PM.
  • Set-up and take-down crews
  • Safety/Medical Personnel to protect the people as they walk and to help them if they fall.
  • Vans and drivers to transport mobility-challenged people.
  • More publicity!  Tell your friends!
What This March is NOT ABOUT!

Politics: No political signs or chanting, please!

Social Causes: No signs or protests, please.

March Route: Harbor Park to Main St and to Civic Plaza

1/2 mile each way!

March Program Outline
Schedule of Events
Everyone Meet at Harbor Park at 2 PM
March leaves at Harbor Park 3 PM
Program at City Hall begins at 3:30
3:30 Eric Thompson (MC) Introduction/Welcome
3:34 Worship Band (two Songs)
3:44 Introduction of Bishop Cleveland Brown, Founder of
         March for Jesus, Norfolk. Bishop Prays for the City
3:50 ET Introduces Ken Gerry, Pastor of New Life Christian 
        Center in Ocean View, Ken Prays for Unity
3:56 ET introduces Mayor Kenneth Alexander
4:08 ET introduces Pastor Clinton Brown, recently retired 
        Pastor of First Baptist Church Bowling Brook, Pastor 
        prays for the Students/teachers/parents/school admin
4:14 ET Introduces Pastor Miguel Dabul, Rock Church of
         Norfolk, Pastor Miquel will pray for Peace among 
4:20 ET introduces Joe McDaniel, founder of Peace Festival
        Joe will pray for our youth
4:26 Final Worship Song!!
4:30 Closing Prayer and Dismissal