This is from Pastor Joe McDaniel, someone I have recently come know and admire. CBN did a story on him in 2016. Now he is proposing something that sounds like a powerful God idea. Read below. you can contact him by email here.

Greetings, Servants of the Most High !

To my pastoral brother & sisters of like mind, like-faith, those resistant to division and inclined to unity in our City, we (a group of friends, mentors, and colleagues) are planning 5 WEEKS of outdoor (tent) prayer-revivals, between now and the end of the year.

They are called the: “The Peace Revivals”.

Let me explain, the Holy Spirit recently placed an instant fire in my heart to see the fire of God lit in inner-city hotspots of Norfolk, where CHILDREN have recently been shot and some killed. The CHURCH of Jesus Christ are the only true carriers of the torch of PEACE. This revival-fire of prayer and power will infuse the fruit of the Spirit into suffering communities( LOVE, JOY, PEACE, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and  “self-control” into our communities.

There is a growing number of churches rallying together to reclaim 5 Hotspots in Norfolk over 5 Weeks, with the fire of PEACE ! Peace for our nation, racial peace, peace on our streets, peace with our police, peace in lower-economic communities, and peace with God.

Will the Church of Jesus Christ show up, to “pray” and “bring“ the Peace & Love of God throughout the inner city of Norfolk ? Yes, we, the Lord’s Church will show up ! Please help us carry the torch together – just one of five weeks. Pray about a week:

  • One Week in September 9/28-10/2
  • Two weeks in October, 10/12-16 and 10/26-30
  • One in November, 11/16-20
  • One week in December 12/7 – 11

Please consider joining us, as we fervently pray throughout Huntersville, Barraud Park, Norview, Little Creek, Park Place and the St. Paul’s areas. Prayer walks through-out the City, Worship in neighborhoods, Food & Supply Distribution – The Church is showing up !

We will begin daily (Noon – 2pm & 5pm-7pm to carry the torch of Love & Peace. We need parking attendants, security personnel, supply distributors, intercessors, worship teams, counselors, and admin clerks.

If you too feel a kindling fire to team-up with the Lord’s body to carry the torch of love and peace for just one week, please contract me or someone from the Planning Team asap. (Eric Thompson, Ronald Atkinson, Veronica Thomas, Greg Johnston, Brian Harroff).

The Norfolk Peace Revivals

 5 Weeks – Before 12/31 of Prayer, Worship, Unity, Gospel-Preaching  & divine infusions of Peace. Please join dozens of churches as we systematically move through-out the City of Norfolk to carry the torch & deliver the Prince of Peace.

I’m calling all denominational associations, church networks, The City-Collective, and The LAUNCH Team to join me in an effort of ecclesiastical unity and peace for our City.

Please share with our fellow colleagues in Christ.

Serving Together In Him,

Joe McDaniel, M.Ed, MBA
Pastor, The Bridge of Faith
500 W. 34th St. Norfolk, VA 23508