“Love One Another As I have loved you”

Jesus commanded it. We all want to obey it—but how?

Here is a practical, well-organized way to share needs and resources among our churches and ministries 24/7 so that we can also serve the needs of our communities more effectively.

Let’s use the powerful, free online software called Meet the Need. It’s been used for 10 years with good success across America.

With it, our churches and ministries can post our church and community needs and have those needs met by other churches and ministries in the network with powerful software features to automate the sharing and management of the system. ALL FREE!

Just imagine:

  • Pastors and churches could love each other in so many practical ways across all denominational and racial lines.
  • The community would receive more resources
  • City government woulds rejoice to see us help the community
  • People would see our good works and glorify Our Father in heaven!

All that and more—but we have to decide to actually do it:

  • Not just because America is boiling with unrest now.
  • Not just because the COVID lockdown has devastated many financially and emotionally.
  • But because God commands us to love one another and our neighbors all year long. He will heal and bless our land, even more, when we obey those commands in deeds and not just in words.

Please look at the attached documents below. Download them all from here. Please pray about joining a local expression of Meet the Need I have started called 757 Church. You are free to use this software for your internal church needs or to serve your community in a network of ministries you create.

Please consider using this software to help us to love one another in deeds—all year long.  Please review the attachments for more information.

Bob Fox

Associate Pastor
GO Church
Virginia Beach, VA.

Hampton Roads Ministry Directory