No one has influenced the entire world with “scientific” support for atheism, eugenics, racism, and white supremacy more than Charles Darwin!

It’s time to dethrone him in science and in education.

Please challenge his ideas in your scientific and educational communities.

Here is a talk I gave on this recently using these slides:

You can view and download the slides below on this page.

I can send you the original as a Powerpoint or Keynote if you ask in the comments.

This is part of a series that could help us protect our children and grandchildren from what I consider the most destructive “scientific” beliefs known to man: Darwin’s theories on human evolution and his racist ideas.

This is a three-part series: August 1: the Evil Legacy of Darwin. August 8: What Fossils? Darwin Knew this Was a Problem. August 15: Who Wrote the Code in DNA Blueprints?

A shocking documentary about the Bronx Zoo, putting an African pygmy into a cage with a monkey to illustrate Darwin’s human evolution: The Human Zoo:…

Expelled: This documentary shows that many colleges will demote or fire professors who dare to mention Intelligent Design despite the excellent scientific evidence that supports it as a non-religious concept. Funny at times and profound:…

Besides, his main ideas on evolution have been proven false: Absolutely no fossils to support gradual evolution between kinds of animals and molecular biology and DNA code science conclusively prove that random chance mutations could never have produced the massive complexity of life we now know exists even in one cell.

Click here to see how the fossil record disproves Darwin according to his own criteria!

Slides used in this presentation

Darwin’s Evil Legacy–youtube shorter