IRN Surplus Network cleans out college dorms and gives all the furniture away on a first-come, first-serve basis to non-profits worldwide. When I worked with Operation Blessing for four years as Manager of International shipping, I sent two 40’containers overseas to needy ministries. IRN does not pay any shipping expenses. The recipient must pay for the pickup and shipping. Minimum load: 53′ trailer or 40’container. You can get multiple loads as needed. Non-profits can sell these goods if the profits are used for ministry.  Click here for details.

The dorm furniture is high-quality, hardwood in good shape, along with nice metal file cabinets, really nice lounge couches and chairs, etc. Sometimes even lab equipment. They LOTS of inventory right now!

Sample Inventory

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Martha Goettelmann
Marketing/Nonprofit Engagement
IRN: The Reuse Network
26 Pleasant Street, #2A
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Christian Orphanages

Two hundred years ago, Christians ran most of the orphanages in America. I think it is time to open some more to help those 13,000 immigrant children stuck at the border who have been living in terrible conditions for months. With free furniture from IRN, small orphanages could be opened across the country as churches and ministers band together to provide decent, safe, Christian-based shelters for these kids.

Why not love our neighbor this way? 

Two dozen churches could pull this off in any city.

Will we?