We tell our nonprofit partners that the minimum they can accept from an IRN project is one 53-foot trailer (or 40-foot container if it’s going overseas).  That’s just because we are usually dealing with so so many trailers of furniture.  Of course, they can always accept more than that lol.

We encourage everyone to supply us with a Wish List (easily accomplished on our website) and based on that, I email them the photo inventories for upcoming projects that as closely as possible match their needs.  They never have to take a project that I’ve offered but once they do, the items they get on their trailer will be a subset of those that are in the photo inventory for that project.  They can’t pick and choose items from an inventory although there are always a few exceptions.  Some organizations absolutely cannot take mattresses even though the only ones we will ever accept from a college are the vinyl-covered ones – and we cull through those to be sure there are no rips or tears.

We are happy to have our nonprofit partners sell (or share) the items after receipt because those proceeds go to support their work to assist children and families who need it.  Our mission statement says we will not profit from the sale of any furniture we take possession of and we will not offer our furnishings to organizations who want to sell it for profit.

Anything else I can answer, please let me know.  Once again, thank you!



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