These are extraordinary letters written by three church pastors in Florida that show even an anti-charismatic church responding well to this move of God that has been so controversial. The friendship of the pastors made this all possible. Their love for one another before this move allowed them to trust each other enough to test out this move together. Well worth the read!

I know a lot about all this. I was heavily involved in it for years. God changed my life in wonderful ways. I also learned some hard lessons about myself and about others.  I love the leaders of the Toronto Blessing–The Arnotts and Randy Clark. They are very dear to me.

Another wave of revival is coming. I can feel it in my spirit. Many people can worldwide.  We need to learn from this last move of God so we can coach others to live in revival times for the greatest glory of God and for the salvation of millions!

The letters can be found here.