Darwin’s Evil Legacy

Racists, sexists, and white supremacists, some of them academics, use concepts and statements “validated” by their presence in “Descent” as support for erroneous beliefs, and the public accepts much of it uncritically.

The Descent of Man,” 150 years on, Agustín Fuentes, Science Magazine 
21 May 2021:Vol. 372, Issue 6544, pp. 769

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Who Are Mormons?

A Mixture of Christian and Pagan Beliefs This two-page article taken from the September 1, 1980 Newsweek magazine. It is a factual and objective report about the strange blend of paganism and Christianity that under-girds the...

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Opportunities to Serve

Brightcross is coordinating another Grocery Giveaway & Prayer Event on Saturday, March 24, 2021 at Garden of Prayer, 1001 Church Street, in the parking lot.  This location, in the middle of 3 projects, is in a food desert...

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Angel 24: Chapter One

Scion: Angel of Virginia Chapter 1 12,000 BC Deep in the inky fringes of the universe, a dazzling, golden angel sped past a pale, red planet as he furiously wrote in a notebook. He was measuring the rate of expansion of the...

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Prologue to Angel 24

Scion: Angel of Virginia Angels were everywhere. Thousands of six-foot choir angels swirled above the fiery Throne of God in an ever-expanding cone of concentric circles moving in opposing, alternating directions as high as the...

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